The NEW book sharing the best strategies to motivate, value, and retain our talent…

…directly from our talent.

What is Bless Our Workforce?

Bless Our Workforce explores the career narratives of 13 Jewish community professionals. Each narrative uncovers a “big idea,” or blessing, validated both by management best practice and the wisdom of our Jewish tradition, to how we can best recognize and retain our talent.

Bless Our Workforce follows this golden rule: If we deeply get to know our people, we can learn how to best motivate and inspire them so each feels blessed at work.

Bless our Workforce believes each of us has the ability to ensure Jewish life is the best place to work. We must align our intentions with our actions for talent to reach their full potential.

How will you Bless Your Workforce?


Praise for Bless Our Workforce


Why I Wrote This Book


Preparing the Canvas

15 Blessings to Bless Our Workforce

About the Author

Mark S. Young is passionate about strengthening the experience and opportunities for the professionals who help make thriving Jewish community a reality.

For 20 years, Mark has held leadership roles in human resources, Jewish education, and leadership development for Jewish organizations and other non-profits. This is Mark’s first book, building off his previous writing and presentations on how to best invest in Jewish community professional talent, including his $54,000 Strategy series on Ejewishphilanthropy and his 2016 ELI Talk: Mah Tovu.